Welcome to ASHACOAT – the senior most “RESIN COATED SAND” (RCS) manufacturer in India since 2008 “RESIN COATED SAND” is used in foundry for Shell  Mould & Shell  Cores  required by the foundry industry. Mr. H. S. Nagaraj started this unit.  He has more than Four Decades of experience in this field.

The plant is located in an area of around 2 acres of Industrial converted land with sufficient power backup units.  The company has a machinery infrastructure which is capable of producing 1000 MT of coated sand per month. Ashacoat has a sophisticated laboratory setup to check and maintain quality standards for HTS, CTS, Stick Point, LOI, Peel Back etc.

Our Superior Quality Resin Coated Sand is well suited for the Aluminium base castings that controls rejection level even for too much critical components, below the rejection level of 2%.

The  company is now employing 48 people including the office staff.  The potential to  increase the number of employees in the future is bright due to enhanced orders.  To this extent  the company is providing  employment and stability to the lives of 48 people.

The company has had a wonderful relationship with the employees  who have shown unstinted support  by doing a  fine job and producing a world class product. The Supervisors, Staff & workers having an excellent knowledge and experience to consistently maintain quality as per customers’ standard and specification. With these goodwill employees, the company is in a strong position to meet customer’s requirements satisfactorily.

The company has obtained its quality standard certificate – ISO 9001:2015 during the year Nov 2011.