ASHACOAT is the senior most “RESIN COATED SAND” (RCS) manufacturer in INDIA and our product well suited for the Aluminium base castings that controls rejection level even for too much critical components, below the rejection level of 2%.

Applications of Resin Coated Sand


  1. Weight of core 0.5 Kgs upto 8 – 10 Kgs joint method of cores or moulds and weight of castings excluding runners and risers – 40 – 50 Kgs. 4 – 5 grades of Resin Coated sand is available starts from AFS 40 – 45 to 90 – 100 depends upon the Customer’s specifications i.e., % of Resin starts from 2.5% to 6%.
  2. Ferrous castings: for the components of Automotive industries cylinder heads water jacket cores, gear boxes etc. also available as per customer’s specification.


For copper based alloy castings, phosphorous bronze and gunmetal etc different grades of Resin Coated Sand is available with Resin addition 3.0% to 5% starts AFS 40-40 to 95 – 100.


  1. Suppliers of Resin Coated sand to Automotive industries since 15 yrs for water jacket and cylinder head castings etc (to leading car manufacturing company in India).
  2. Special grade of shell sand is available for electric thermal receiving stations, aeronautical components and for investment castings. Apart from the above we can develop required specific grade of Resin Coated Sand as per customer’s specifications.