The production process of Resin Coated Sand from Raw Sand involves the following steps:


  1. F. Resin
  2. Catalyst (Called as Hardener)
  3. Silica Sand

The required sand procured from the mines, which are mainly situated at coastal areas. As soon as the sand is received same will be tested according to the standard method of testing i.e., sieve grading, clay content, moisture etc.,

Silica sand will be graded (The same will be dried in a electrical drier if the sand is in wet condition) to the required specifications in electrical sieve shakers. After graded the sand it will be stored in a place. The natural silica sand will be mixed in a Muller with P.F.Resin and Hardener according to the customer specification.

The P. F. Resin addition varies from minimum of 2% to 7% to achieve the strength of Resin Coated Sand.

Percentage of Hardener that acts like lubricant to coat thoroughly with natural silica sand. The percentage of Hardener is 13% to 20% on Resin.

After pouring the Resin and Hardener in to a Muller the hot air will be passed to evaporate the content of liquid (solvent). The sand, Resin and Hardener will be mixed for 12 to 15 minutes. Than after the mixed sand will be discharged from the Muller and the same will be cooled in a room temperature atmosphere. After cooling the material it will be packed in 50 kgs bag and forwarded to the customers against their order.