ASHACOAT is an Indian Based ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturers and suppliers of finest quality RESIN COATED SAND (RCS) which is well suited for the Aluminium base castings. The company was established as proprietary firm during 2008 by Sri. H. S. Nagaraj.

The Company has a dedicated team of employees with rich experience in the field, the company stands in a top position to supply customers’ demand at satisfactory level.


  1. Our RCS is noted as an offshoot of the foundry industry used for Shell Mould & Shell Cores.
  2. We are the First and Regular Automotive castings suppliers for “Hyundai” car company for their component productions
  3. We are the Bulk Suppliers of RCS for ferrous and non ferrous based alloy castings moulds & cores
  4. Bulk Supply of RCS For Centrifugal castings liners
  5. we are capable to develop Resin Coated Sand according to customer needs for any type of critical castings